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Featured Quality Products for Summer 2009: SOIL SCOOP Multi-purpose Gardening Tool by Garden Works Garden Works SOIL SCOOP Multi-purpose Gardening Tool
The Original Soil Scoop "NOW with IMPROVED COMFORT GRIP" ... over-laid with a brightly colored cushioned grip. The soil scoop is made of 18 gauge stainless steel and held into a birch handle with industrial epoxy insuring years of reliable use around home, garden and more...! Use the Soil Scoop to pick through rocky soil, dig holes and furrow, weed the garden, cut those hard roots, and open heavy plastic bags of garden mulch or lawn fertilizer in a snap. Soil Scoop is your general purpose digging, weeding, chopping, cutting, potting, planting, furrowing, cultivating, trenching, lawn, and just about All-in-One tool... and Soil Scoop is dogs best friend too...!!!

 KNEE-BENZ super comfortable Gardener's Knee Pads by Garden Works Garden Works KNEE-BENZ super comfortable Gardener's Knee Pads
Gardeners love Knee-Benz because they combine ease of use, comfort and durability. KNEE-BENZ knee pads are extremely flexible and waterproof, two important features to gardeners who spend a lot of time on their knees. The exclusive KNEE-BENZ design ends skin chafing and make them very comfortable to the gardener. The straps on the KNEE-BENZ knee pads are long enough to accommodate a wide range of leg sizes. In fact, Knee-Benz knee pads are so comfortable they can be worn over pants or with shorts and... as an added benefit, KNEE-BENZ knee pads are hand or machine washable and line dry too...!

Twist Ties Wire with Wire Cutter Twist Ties Wire with Wire Cutter = AN AMAZING LENGTH * 164 feet long * (50 Meters)
Handy for tying your tomatoes to stakes. Continuous wire, can be cut to any length. About 1,968" long by 1/8" wide, knotproof, waterproof and reusable, with a handy wire cutter are no exception...! Yankee Gardener Tomato and Garden Plant Twist Ties can be used either right handed or left handed and they can easily be cut with the attached wire cutter on the package. Twist Ties are ideal for tying for tying your tomato plants, flowers, vegetables and vines to stakes. Simply tie to a stake, cage, trellis or any sturdy structure. Great for supporting Dahlias and Gladiolus too.

Colonial Birdhouses Bird House Kits and Bird Feeder Kits Colonial Birdhouses Bird House Kits and Bird Feeder Kits
Colonial Birdhouses Bird House Kits and Bird Feeder Kits are patterned after traditional New England building designs. The Colonial Birdhouses kits produce high quality, finely detailed birdhouses and feeders that are fun to assemble and promote many years of bird watching enjoyment. Assembled or in kit form, Colonial Birdhouses make wonderful gifts for everyone, including seniors and children, and are an especially nice way to dress up the yard while providing shelter for many varieties of birds. WELDBOND® Glue and X-ACTO® Knives are also available.

Soda Bottle Bird Feeders Soda Bottle Bird Feeders
These soda bottle feeders are fun, simple to assemble and promote many hours of bird watching enjoyment. The Soda Bottle Bird Feeders make wonderful gifts for everyone and are an especially nice way to dress up the backyard while providing food for many varieties of local birds. Nature and Day Care Centers, camp grounds, all teachers and students, parents and children love them as this helps "RECYCLE" your empty soda bottles...!
Now featuring the NEW Soda Bottle Thistle Seed Feeders, Soda Bottle WASP and Yellow Jackets Trap, and Soda Bottle Hummingbird Feeders, too...!

White House Vegetable Garden - Victory Garden - Hart's Victory Garden Seed CollectionsHart's Victory Garden Seed Collections NEW for 2009 * * * White House Vegetable Garden - Victory Garden - Hart's Vegetable Victory Garden Seed Collections "First Lady Starts White House Vegetable Garden... Michelle Obama has gathered with a group of school children to dig up the patch, which will be the first vegetable garden at the White House... since Eleanor Roosevelt planted a "Victory Garden" during World War Two... "I want to make sure that our family, as well as the White House staff and all the people who come to the White House and eat our food, get access to really fresh vegetables and fruits," Obama said. The Hart Seed Co. has taken this opportunity to reintroduce the... Victory Gardeners of Today... to the best of the seed varieties from their own family's experience and American heritage. Plant the First Time Gardener Victory Garden, Heirloom Ancestry Vegetable Victory Garden, and Kid's Korner Children's First Time Victory Garden, along with Victory flower gardens too...!!! Victory Vegetables grown in the United States of America...!

Instant Flower Garden and Herb Garden Seed Mats Instant Flower Garden - Flower Seed and Herb Garden Seed Mats for Home, Garden and Patio
Back in Stock -- New HERB Garden and Seed in a Blanket Jewel Box Flower Garden and Cape Cod Flower Border varieties available...! Gardening has never been easier, quicker, or cleaner than it is now...!!! The Instant Flower Garden, Seed in a Blanket, AND * NEW * Seeded Flower DISCS and HERB GARDEN Mats by Creative Garden Concepts is a revolutionary idea, where the seeds are pre-planted, making gardening absolutely effortless. Imagine a flower garden so easy you just roll it out, water it and watch it grow into a beautiful, pre-arranged flower bed or kitchen herbs of your choice. You can stop wishing, because the Instant Flower Garden includes Sunshine Loving and Shade Loving Flower Rolls, Butterfly and English Cottage Garden Rolls, and Seed in a Blanket Herb Garden mats. These Flower Garden and Herb Seed Mats CAN BE CUT very easily to any size for flower boxes, containers and pots too...! The Instant Flower and Herb Garden seed mats produce beautiful flower arrangements around the home, flower garden, deck or patio by just adding water.

PLANT HART SEEDS Quality HART Seeds include Annual and Perennial Vegetables, Kitchen Herb, and Flower Garden Seeds
Hart Seeds are used by New England home and patio gardeners, children's school projects, community gardens, 4H members and independent New England farmers.

Many All American Selections winners and American Heirloom Seeds are also available. Don't forget to check out our many Garden Seed Collections -- with more than 20 Vegetable garden, Herb garden, Children's First gardens and Flower garden seed collections to choose from, all at a 10% savings over individual seed packet purchases.

Hart Heritage Seeds Hart's Heritage Seed and Heirloom Garden Vegetables, Kitchen Herbs and Flower Garden Seed.
Yankee Gardener is proud to present Hart's Heritage Seed and Vintage Heirloom seed of garden varieties of vintage vegetables, kitchen herbs and "Turn of the Century" flower garden heirloom seed varieties. The Hart Seed Co. is truly unique in the seed industry today; it is still American owned and operated by the same family that established the company in 1892. Five generations later, the Hart family has taken this opportunity to reintroduce the gardeners of today to the best of the heirloom varieties from their own family's experience and American heritage.

North Country Garden Bells and Garden Guards North Country Garden Bell Collection and Garden Guard Collection
Yankee Gardener is proud to offer North Country Garden BellsTM. Set in and amongst a garden, these garden bells delight the ear while its companions delight the eye...! And if you need a pest deterrent in your garden, allow these whimsical Garden Guards to give you a hand. These handsome creatures from North Country Garden Guard Collection are fashioned from black coated quality steel, and are equally at home indoors or out, standing guard over your home lawn, vegetable and flower gardens or berry patches. North Country Garden Bell Collection are proudly made in the USA.

Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins and Books Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins and Books contain practical, hands-on instructions, pictures and sketches designed to help you master country living skills quickly and easily. From traditional outdoor skills, basic organic gardening, flowers, herbs, jams and jellies to the newest gardening techniques, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins and Books provide a foundation of earth-friendly information for the way you want to live today.

50 Birds of Town and City - - For Your Enjoyment...!!! Yankee Gardener's Fifty Birds of Town and City - - For Your Enjoyment...!!!
Birds are our friends. They are our window to the natural world. Treat and feed them well...! Have a lot of fun and learn about the birds with this FREE Interactive Web Book we have put together for you. As you enter this very special interactive site, CLICK onto one of your 50 favorite birds, and learn some interesting facts. Let your children learn with the "Magic Cards". There are some really neat sounds and great surpises too...!!!

Included is a tribute to the American Flag and our Veterans...! Meet "Batty Bat" and her friends in the Kids Korner, along with two funny robins with a problem. Meet Leonardo and read many inspiring quotations.

On the Yankee Grocery Web Site
Visit Yankee Grocery for a full selection of Thanksgiving and Holiday Foods

For your convenience, a new way to shop: The Yankee Grocery Aisles

Now you can shop our fine food products sorted by Type of Food. All of our great brands of soup, all of our tempting desserts, tasty and easy to make baking products -- all together in one place for easy shopping. Visit the Yankee Grocery Aisles today!

All Natural Trappist Preserves Jams Jellies Preserves Marmalades and Conserves TRAPPIST PRESERVESTM ALL NATURAL Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Marmalades and Conserves.
TRAPPIST PRESERVESTM are made and packed by the monks of Saint Joseph's Abbey in Massachusetts. The result is unsurpassed quality which has earned Trappist Preserves worldwide awards and praise...!!! Yankee Grocery Country Store brings these quality TRAPPIST PRESERVES award winning Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Preserves, and Conserves to your doorstep...! We ship TRAPPIST PRESERVES award winning "ALL NATURAL" products around world and to our stationed American service men and women too...!
Your taste buds will shout like a proud chef... "kick it up a notch" with the NEW
Jalapeno Pepper jelly appropriately named * * HOT PEPPER JELLY * * from the monks of Saint Joseph's Abbey...!!!
AND THE TASTY AND HEALTHY * * POMEGRANATE JELLY * * Slightly Sweet... Slightly Tart...
BUT, Simply - ALL NATURAL - Mother Nature Delicious...!!!

Archie Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauces Original Flavor and EXTRA HOT Archie Moore'sTM Buffalo Wing Sauces Original Flavor and EXTRA HOT...!!!.
ALL NATURAL Buffalo Wing Sauces do it all...! NO carbohydrates. The Original Flavor and EXTRA HOT Buffalo Wing Sauces are made from the best "all natural" ingredients possible, and are SUGAR FREE...! You can rest assured that your lunchtime, dinnertime, special sports event or party or family barbecue will turn out perfect every time... a superb mix of fresh, all natural ingredients and rounded by flavor and taste. Archie Moore'sTM Buffalo Wing Sauces adds a full-bodied aroma and flavor to all your favorite family or barbecuing recipes. It's Sugar Free and a "must have" sauce for all hot sauce lovers...! Archie Moore's sauces goes great on chicken, meat, seafood, vegetables, salads. Use as a condiment with cold cuts and sandwiches as well...! Everyone loves Archie Moore'sTM Buffalo Wing Sauces. A delicious and tasty bottle of Archie Moore's sauces coats at least five (5) pounds of wings...!

My Grandma's Coffee CakesMy Grandma's of New England® started an industry in 1990 with their original Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake - and with good reason. These decadent, dinner-worthy cakes are made from the finest and freshest ingredients available. My Grandma's of New England flavor selections include Granny Smith Apple, Golden Raspberry, Cappuccino, New England Blueberry, Ted Williams Chocolate, Banana Walnut, and Cape Cod Cranberry flavored coffee cakes. The moistness and flavor of the cake are unmatched. All My Grandma's of New England cakes are handmade in New England and Certified KosherMy Grandma's Coffee Cakes, parve, certified Kosher under Orthodox supervision.
A wonderful delicious New England surprise and very special "ANYTIME" gift...!

DRYDEN & PALMER Gourmet Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks Certified Kosher DRYDEN & PALMER® Gourmet Rock CandyDryden & Palmer Rock Candy, parve, certified Kosher Swizzle Sticks are... the ideal candy treat for vegetarians and people with gluten sensitivities. Rock candy swizzle sticks are an elegant and fun way of sweetening your coffee, tea or hot beverage or enjoy as old fashioned rock candy treat for children. These Dryden and Palmer Gourmet Rock CandyDryden & Palmer Rock Candy, parve, certified Kosher Rock Candy Swizzle Stick stirrers are made of crystalized pure cane sugar on a wooden stick. They are the crowing "sweet touch" to any family meal, dinner party, special event, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, Valentines Day Gift and will add a unique elegance to the ordinary...!!! DRYDEN & PALMER Rock Candy... a Quality 1880 New England Product and American Candy Tradition...!

On the Yankee Harvest Web Site

Paine Incense and Balsam Fir ProductsQuality New England Paine Incense and Balsam Fir Products
Log Cabin Incense Burners, Balsam Fir Incense, Draft Stops, Velvet Sachets, Balsam Fir Pillows, and Scented Hot Pads. Using Paine Balsam Fir Products around the home creates a very warm and cozy all natural feeling...! A quality New England Classic. Don't forget to check out the All Natural Incense, Balsam Fir Needles, Incense Storage Boxes, and unique Gift Collections. We ship these quality New England Paine Incense and Balsam Fir Products around world...!

Smoky Mountain Metal Arts Smoky Mountain Metal Arts is the experienced designer of unique hand crafted copper and rustic steel art. Many beautiful designs are available including rustic mountain cabin decor, vacation cottage, lawn and garden art, beautiful butterfly benches, wall hangings, coat racks and many other items to adorn your home or cottage, relaxing patio, lawn or quiet garden spot. Gift card and special message is also available for you. Just added: Smoky Mountain Metal Arts Hand Crafted Cabin Rustic Table and Desk Lamps.

On the Yankee Halloween Web Site


Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kits and Pattern - Stencil Books We've added NEW PUMPKIN MASTERS products, including the Pumpkin Masters "Family Favorites" Carving Patterns Book, to our Pumpkin Masters store. With over 50 quality Halloween pumpkin products to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect recipe for Halloween fun. We have a full selection of pumpkin carving kits, pumpkin carving tools, new and vintage pumpkin carving pattern books, carving stencils, as well as colorful pumpkin decorating kits for all ages and skill levels.

Qwigglegel Realistic Body Parts Gelatin Molds Qwigglegel Realistic Body Parts Gelatin Molds: Everything you need to Mold and Create the Perfect Body Parts...! The Qwigglegel Body Part Molds are fun, easy-to-use plastic molds that allows you to use JELL-O® or dessert gelatin to create edible realistic Body Parts. These Gelatin Molds are fun for making Edible Realistic Body Parts of brains, hands, hearts, eyeballs, faces, Roswell Aliens for Halloween or anytime...! Great Science Fair Project too...!!!

There is little that is more satisfying or more relaxing than tending a garden. From the moment that first seedling is placed in the ground a sense of anticipation takes over and the garden becomes a daily retreat where watching, weeding and watering help to pass the time before the first fruit appears.

We at Yankee Gardener have developed our store for the beginner, the seasoned gardener and everyone in between. The seeds we offer for sale are provided by one of the largest and oldest seed houses in New England. We have also compiled a wealth of gardening information and general helpful hints to help you on your way to a successful harvest.

In addition, we have added a section of free recipes, many of which are designed to utilize your fresh produce. Try them out, send one to a friend for their enjoyment. If you've never gardened before, you will be delighted by the freshness and distinct flavor home grown produce lends to your culinary skills and brings to the table. Try our Kids Korner Garden Collection or our First Time Gardener Collection. You will be very happy with the results.

Plant what you like and eat what you plant.
And Yankee Gardener is the place to get started.
Where there's a will, there's a way.

Don't live on acreage?
Not to worry...

A garden can be as large and complex or as small and simple as your individual circumstances, needs, and stamina allow. Just choose a delicious garden vegetable, savory kitchen herb or colorful flower garden from Hart's seed collections that is just right for all your outside and inside gardening and home decorating needs. Great variety and outstanding quality of Hart's seeds with wonderful colors and selection for growing areas in condo's, large and small home gardens, rooftop gardens, and organic gardens too...!!!

A six-by-six plot just outside your kitchen door can support an array of fragrant herbs, many of which can flourish and expand from year to year. In addition, herbs do well in individual pots or as part of a flower box arrangement just outside the window.

Decks, patios -- even urban rooftops can be ideal for container gardening. Use not only Terra Cotta pots, but whiskey barrels, ceramic, and wooden containers lined with plastic inserts. Be sure to allow for proper drainage, use a good soiless potting mixture, and water and fertilize regularly. Tomatoes, peppers of all varieties and green beans trained along a tripod are good examples. You can also plant an assortment of lettuces in a window box to pick as you go.

If you like vegetables such as squash and cucumbers which grow on a vine, grow up instead of out. Attach the vines as they progress to a fence or deck railing, minimizing the need for ground space. If neither of these options are available to you, placing two poles in the ground with heavy gauge wire running from pole to pole spaced about a foot apart can do the trick. When the growing season is over, remove the poles and set them aside until the following spring.

And don't forget your 'pumpkin patch' for all you pumpkin carving picasso's out there. Although too large and cumbersome for growing upwards, a six by six plot may be all you'll need to start looking forward to that traditional harvest pastime. Get all your seeds growing early and get yourself a Pumpkin Masters pumpkin carving kit and accessories. That's all you will need for great Autumn fun.

Be the hit at all summertime get togethers, with your own homegrown watermelon.

And, take the gloom out of those dreary afternoons in late winter and early spring, by thinking your upcoming colorful Easter decorations with Peter Cottontail.

So don't be restrained by the size of your own corner of the world. With a little imagination you can enjoy fresh garden produce all summer long, and look forward to harvest time with all of its rewards. Build a birdhouse or feeder and look forward to sharing your garden space with our feathered friends. Find the blue jay... and let him tell you his story. Fifty Birds of Town and City is a fun learning experience for kids of all ages. This interactive portion of our site promotes awareness of some of the creatures with whom we share our planet. There are lots of surprises including a 50 ton Flying dragon and many interesting questions to be answered. Enjoy...! Happy Gardening.

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